Jesús Mejuto
Backend / Full-stack contractor

+15 years developing software and delivering products.



I am a Backend / Full-stack software engineer based in Berlin (UTC+1/2).

I have worked with international software companies, universities and institutions in software engineering, marketing tech and consulting across different countries.

My speciality is Backend / Full-stack software development.

I am experienced in a variety of technologies. Here are some.

Programming languages

  • Python, Typescript, Java, Javascript, Elmlang


  • React, Vuejs, Angular, Django, Fastapi, Spring

Artificial Intelligence & statistics

  • Forecasting, Classification problems, Image generation, Statistical analysis, Bidding models



  • Postgres, Elastic Search, Algolia Mysql/MariaDB, Redis BigQuery, Vertica




An experienced Full-stack software engineer for your business needs.

Full-stack software development

Developing your website, app, or prototype. I can execute the whole full-stack: Frontend Backend Databases Deployment to make your company's vision a reality.

Staff augmentation

Do you need a hand to finish your project? I can join your team of developers to help.

Legacy code

Do you have a piece of code that nobody dares to touch? I can write tests and help you add features to it. I am not afraid of tricky legacy code.


Some manual processes waste an unreasonable amount of time — and time is money. I can help you automate tasks and processes your business relies on.

Team training

Do you want to get your team up to speed with a new technology? I can teach custom Full-stack programming courses on-site at your company.


Do you need advise on a strategic technical decision? Wondering for which roles to hire or how to start planning a new project? I can help you and your team evaluate the situation and prepare a plan. Then a third-party — or myself if you prefer — can do the implementation.

“Jesús has done an amazing job, he'll be missed since the quality of his work is very very high. I just can recommend Jesus since he'll be a great addition to any team.”

Alejandro Tabares
Head of Software Engineering at Bonhams

“Jesús is very competent and has great technical and communication skills. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Ulises Jimenez
Lead Data & Analytics Engineer

“Jesús is one of the best developers I worked with during my time at KAYAK. He is a calm, patient and down-to-earth person with a very impressive set of skills/knowledge when it comes to web technologies. I can highly recommend him to any company looking for a Senior Full-Stack Developer.”

“We needed a second-opinion on the proposal for the development of a new platform (website + app). The main problem we had was not knowing which language the platform should be written in as we did not have that knowledge in-house. We reached out to Jesus for an advisory consultation. He asked us a lot of questions, then outlined the different options with advantages and disadvantages. We are very happy we consulted him as it became clear the initial proposal would not have been the right choice and instead we went with a more durable solution.”

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